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Dermafill Lips (2x1ml)


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Customers Reviews & Rating

Buy Dermafill Lips (2x1ml) Online

Dermafill Lips (2x1ml) products retain their properties to regain their original position after injection. Dermafill products have excellent elasticity.

Whats in the box?

  • 2x1ml prefilled sterile syringe.
  • 25mg/ml
  • Cross linked BDDE++++

What are the benefits of Dermafill?

  • Redraw the natural curve
  • Bring volume
  • Natural long lasting effect

Due to the fact that hyaluronic acid is obtained by biofermentation, the BDDE content is 4 times less than the acceptable CE and FDA standards, the endotoxin content is 10 times less than the acceptable CE and FDA standards, fillers are the safest among competitors. For many years, the practical use of DERMAFILL fillers in more than 30 countries around the world has not been a single allergic reaction to the drug.

The innovative technology TIME-X allows stitching the HA molecules in the DERMAFILL LIPS filler into a single three-dimensional matrix, which can be programmed to change – modified to the environmental conditions. When the pressure in the syringe increases, the matrix begins to “fold” and takes up less volume, which allows the drug to pass more easily through thin needles and does not require large volumes for correction. The reverse process takes place in the tissues – the matrix “expands” like an umbrella.

The stability of the correction is achieved due to the high content of HA (25 mg / ml) and the new technology TIME-X.


Stabilized hyaluronic acid 2.5% with a molecular weight of 2.5-3 MDa. The number of BDDE links does not exceed 9%. Endotoxin content is less than 0.05 EU / g.

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