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Mesotherapy is a cosmetic medicinal treatment that uses medications, plant extracts, vitamins and other substances and is most often used for pain relief and cosmetic enhancement with procedures like liposuction.

One of the most common uses of mesotherapy injections is the insertion of collagen and stimulating vitamins, which produces a younger, fresher, firmer and more radiant appearance. Mesotherapy injections of collagen can help the face to achieve that glowing look once again, in spite of the march of the years.

There are different types of skin rejuvenation processes that can be conducted with the use of mesotherapy products such as Filorga NCTF , Cytocare 502 and Teosyal Meso. The results are highly dependent on which product or process is chosen. Results can be visible after just the first session in many cases, but mostly, one has to wait for the third and fourth sessions to really see and feel the difference.

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